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Property Insurance: Hazard, Wind, Flood, and Liability

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In the same way that homeowners are required to buy homeowner’s insurance, it’s important that landlords have a landlord insurance policy in place when they’re renting out a home to tenants. Most people don’t realize that nearly 30 percent of residential homes are rental properties. Those properties need a comprehensive insurance policy that covers losses due to fires, break-ins, and severe weather incidents that leave a home uninhabitable for reasons beyond your control. (more…)

Hurricane Protection for Rental Property in Florida

Hurricane Protection for Rental Property in Florida - Article Banner

With approaching, it’s important that landlords are prepared for a storm and understand what to do in case an evacuation is ordered. While most Floridians are familiar with hurricanes, it’s never a bad idea to brush up on safety procedures for before, during, and after a storm. (more…)

Security Deposits and Advance Rent in Florida

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Most landlords in Florida require a security deposit from their tenants to cover property damage beyond regular wear and tear, and to limit the financial loss of tenants breaking their lease early without paying rent. Florida law does not place a statutory limit on the dollar amount landlords may charge as a security deposit, but the equivalent of one month’s rent is typical.

There are other laws that you’ll need to follow when it comes to security deposits and advance rent. (more…)

Tenant Evictions in Florida

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Delinquent tenants are one of the biggest problems a landlord can face, and state laws provide the necessary procedures landlords must follow to evict them. To evict a tenant in Florida, you’ll need to start with a written notice and then follow up in court.

There are different kinds of notices for different situations, including notice of termination with cause, and notice of termination without cause. (more…)

Pets vs. Service Animals – What’s the Difference for Fort Lauderdale Rental Homes?

There is a legal difference between pets and service animals, and it’s important that you understand that difference when you’re renting out a property. A pet is just what it is – a pet. You can allow dogs, cats, birds, or other animals that are pets in your property. We recommend that if you do decide to allow pets, you create a pet addendum for your lease. Work with the attorney who helped you prepare your lease agreement, and include the property pet addendum to your lease agreement so you have everything in writing. (more…)

Landlord Insurance FAQ for Real Estate Investors in Fort Lauderdale, FL

There are several types of investment property insurance that are important to south Florida real estate investors, and we’ve asked an insurance expert to join us. Jorge Acosta, with USI Insurance, is going to explain what types of landlord insurance shouldn’t be overlooked when you’re managing the risks associated with your rental property. (more…)

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